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As Architects we choose a wider definition of Architecture that includes the design of the total built environment, from the macro level of how a building integrates with its surrounding man-made  or natural landscape to the micro level of architectural or construction details.  Merritt Arch's focus is the design and construction observation of building projects.  Our base project types include schools, offices, historic preservation, planning, restoration, parks and recreation, community centers, religious facilities, transit headquarters, and public administration buildings.  Our goal is to develop designs that are responsive to the clients' program needs while at the same time providing inspiring design using quality details and durable long term materials, all within defined budget constraints.

Urban Design

Viewing the context of design solutions to respond to the larger picture is a strength of the firm.  These are typically urban design issues that expand the notion beyond a single site.  Design solutions look at flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions over time.  The key to successful urban design is to establish an understandable framework that can be built on by others on individual sites.


We at Merritt Arch know what it takes to make communities successful by helping the static elements interact with the user. The Merritt Arch planning focus is to gather and organize information for clear decision making.  Our planning typically centers on issues of context and the assessment of appropriate uses and relationship.

Design Visioning

Design visioning is integrating a facilitation process in a framework that defines design and physical context alternatives.  The participants often represent divergent points of view which are reconciled through our open, interactive, and illustrative approach.


Facilitation is having the strength of process to gather and organize information from a wide range of stakeholders and participating groups to assist in understanding and shaping a consensus solution to a problem or challenge.

Interior Design

Design at Merritt Arch is seamless from site and context, to exterior shaping response, to interior elements.  The interior is integrated in this holistic design approach to develop the most functional space for its users.

Historic Preservation

For over 25 years, a cornerstone niche for Merritt Arch’s key personnel has been Historic Preservation.  Merritt Arch is centrally located within the historic city of Tacoma which addresses issues of healthy living, sustainability, and green building to justify the retention of the older built environment.  We endeavor to preserve the ability of older buildings and/or spaces to communicate an intended meaning. This meaning is rooted in cultural and social processes that negotiate how the authenticity of the historical building and/or space should be expressed.


The success of Merritt Arch designs is rooted in its participation in documenting the user/client's programming needs and parameters.  By understanding the importance and investing in detailed documentation the final design will most certainly respond to the owner’s expectations and needs.